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About our School


Belmont HS is a proud and strong comprehensive high school situated on the shores of Lake Macquarie and the Pacific Ocean south of Newcastle. We draw from across a diverse community with students ranging from high academic achievers to students with disabilities and special needs.

Our school achieves high academic standards within a broad and rich curriculum. We emphasise positive values based around personal success, respect, responsibility and team work.  Our school is recognised for its high standards of behaviour and school uniform.

Student wellbeing is fostered through a range of positive lifestyle programs. These guide and support students to make more effective personal decisions in a complex world.

The creative & performing arts programs (Music, Visual Arts, Drama & Dance) are a strength of the school. There are electives offered in each of these from Years 8-12. This is fostered through a major music performance program (a large school band and choir, a jazz ensemble, rock bands, duets and individual performance); art exhibitions and ongoing visual displays. Dance is an area of growth, with a large extra-curricular program complementing electives.

Other programs are in place for student leadership and peer mentoring, sports development programs including trampolining, gymnastics, touch football, netball and diving. Our school produces high quality citizens and community leaders. Our modern facilities including a new gymnasium, technology centre, state of the art science learning spaces and performance theatre.

Our school is committed to developing confident and competent students, with a strong focus on core skills of literacy and numeracy. Each year we closely analyse data and develop programs and specific strategies to improve student achievement. This is enhanced by our strong links with partner primary schools in the Belmont Learning Community, where we work share strategies and expertise to support students for K - 12.

We have an ongoing and embedded teacher development program covering literacy and numeracy, use of technology and quality teaching.



The phrase Building Harmony and Success captures our schools purpose.

The word building, reflects the fact that the task at hand will never be completed. We will always be using new and different ideas to build on things that we know work to make our school a better learning environment.

 Harmony encapsulates the relationships and balance that we all want in our homes, school, community, workplaces, nation and the world. It is a universal goal. This does not mean we will be without conflict. As individuals and groups grow, change and evolve, there will always be conflict. The key is to how we work together to resolve and manage conflict, how we learn from it and how we grow as individuals and communities.

Success is defined as “being the best you can”, or Quantum Potero, our school motto. At Belmont High students can strive, take risks, and learn to be the best they can, learning from their successes and setbacks. Our students must develop the resilience and perseverance necessary to overcome the inevitable challenges they will encounter in life.

Through Building Harmony and Success we will produce graduates who are capable, confident and caring people.