Well Being Team

Well Being Team

Head Teacher Welfare   Megan Marshall
Year 7 Adviser     Harmony Atwill
Year 8 Adviser              Stephen Nash
Year 9 Adviser              Matt Russ
Year 10 Adviser              Kaye Middleton 
Year 11 Adviser            Natalie Conway 
Year 12 Adviser            Lyndall Gale 
Girls Adviser                Jean Bull
Counsellors                 Andrew Murray and Connie Spinks, David Bates 

What We Do

At FGHS we have a strong welfare tradition. Our Welfare team is organised through our School Learning Support Team (SLST) who meet fortnightly to discuss the needs of individual students and the school as a whole. It is through the SLST that we facilitate the distribution of resources and make plans to address the welfare needs of our students.

Role Of A Year Advisor 

Each year group has the support of a specific Year Adviser (YA). The role of a YA is a pastoral one. The YA is responsible for maintaining the general well being of the students within that group. YA’s work with staff and students to make sure that any information that may impact a students’ performance at school is passed on to the relevant people. Should it be deemed necessary, a YA will make a referral to the SLST for specific support to be offered to a student. They also oversee the report process, drawing together information from a range of sources to provide a full picture of a students’ academic and social performance. It is imperative that any change in your circumstances that may impact a student at school be passed onto the YA as soon as possible. Things such as the death of a family pet, birth of a sibling, moving home or troubles with peers will alter the way a student interacts at school. The more information we have about these changes the better. Please contact the school Administration to make an appointment or speak with the relevant YA.

Support and Services Programs

There are a range of support services and programs that can be accessed in our endeavour to meet the needs of students. These include;

·         School counsellor
·         Senior student or staff mentoring
·         Student Assistance Program
·         Girls Night In Support Group
·         Brainstorm Productions
·         Rock and Water
·         Gender Specific programs