Bring your own device recommended features



For a student to gain school permission at Maitland High School to participate in BYOD the device chosen must satisfy the following specifications:


  • A wireless internet connection - The DEC wireless network installed at Maitland High school operates on both the 802.11n 5 GHz and the 802.11a/b/g 2.4Ghz standards.
  • A USB port (for a flash drive) 
  • The ability to accommodate office applications (such programs could be but are not restricted to Microsoft Office, Google Docs, open office etc)
  • Support a keyboard (must be portable)
  • Have a minimum storage capacity of 16Gb
  • Battery life of at least 4 hours
  • It is preferred that the device does not come with 3G capability as the school wifi network filters unwanted, potentially dangerous content. 3G access will be banned at MHS
  • Up to the value of $550 (suggested maximum)
  • Screen size must be no smaller than 7” - 10" recommended because less than this is difficult to view Smart Phones will not be allowed as BYOD devices.


For further technical advice please email the MHS TSO (Technical Support Officer) Mr Bill Robertson 


Download specifications of suitable devices for Maitland High School