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The school runs a comprehensive parallel
curricula and extra-curricular Dance program.


Dance Curriculum

The study of dance as an artform in education is based on the study of three interrelated

Stages 4 & 5

Stage 6

Year 11 & 12 Dance students study 3 periods per week for two years to obtain a HSC.

Extra-curricular Dance Program

The school runs a comprehensive extra-curricular Dance Company, ensemble, workshop and excursion programs for gifted and talented Dance students. The emphasis of the program is to provide access to a variety of choreographers, dance styles, and performance events to build upon and supplement what skills are learned in class.

In Years 7 – 12 all PA and Dance Elective students can nominate to participate in the Dance Company program.

We offer the following:

        -          Junior Company for 7-9 students
Year 9 &10 Dance Extension
Senior Company for 10-12 students
3 style-specific Companies Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop
Boys Ensemble
Lighthouse Project Company
Pre-professional Company
One scholarship for a junior and senior student

All Dance Company students will be provided with performance opportunities in:

  • Dance Festival
  • Lighthouse Project
  • Pre-professional Company
  • Year 12 HSC Composition dancer
  •  Southern Stars
  •  State Dance Festival
  •  The Schools Spectacular
  •          Dance Showcase
  •          School musicals
  •          Southern Stars Performing Company
  •         Southern Stars Touring Ensemble
  •          NSW Public Schools State Companies
  •          Aboriginal Companies