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Bullying Information

WHSPA rejects all forms of bullying. All students and staff have the right to be treated fairly and with dignity in an environment free from disruption, intimidation, harassment, victimisation and discrimination.

All members of the school community contribute to preventing bullying by modelling and promoting appropriate behaviour and respectful relationships. At WHSPA we are making a concerted effort to educate and upskill our students, staff and parents to ensure that we provide a safe environment in which all students can prosper.

WHSPA's Anti-Bullying Plan can be accessed via the link on our website as a pdf document.

►Anti-Bullying Policy◄

What you can do if you are concerned your child is being bullied.

Refer to the links below to gain as much information as you can in regards to supporting your child and your family.

Year 7 Advisor

Kylie Burnard

Year 8 Advisor

Rosanna Goderie

Year 9 Advisor

Laura Cram

Year 10 Advisor

Michaela Chaffey

Year 11 Advisor

Caitlin Griffiths

Year 12 Advisor

Kellie Cattle

Additional support for parents and carers regarding bullying

The following links connect directly to the Department of Education site that contains the most current and relevant information regarding bullying, and supports best practice as a parent or carer.

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The following links may provide some additional information that is useful in supporting your child.